Real Estate Attorney in Far Rockaway, NY

Serving the NYC Metro Area, Including Long Island and Westchester

Do you want to buy, sell, or refinance a property? If so, ensure that you have highly competent representation with a real estate lawyer from The Law Firm of Richard H. Lovell, P.C. We provide qualified and experienced real estate legal help for all buyers, sellers, and refinancers of both residential and commercial property in Far Rockaway, NY, as well the entire NYC metro area.

How Can We Help?

You might not automatically think of hiring a real estate attorney when you decide to buy, sell, or refinance. However, a real estate lawyer is a great asset to have. They can help with:

  • Understanding the process: Our real estate attorneys know the ins and outs of real estate law in New York. If you have any questions or concerns, we can happily educate you on your rights and navigate any issues that come up.

  • Preparing and reviewing documents: From the purchase contract to the closing paperwork, you need to ensure that everything is legal, transparent. Our real estate lawyers will happily prepare and review any documentation in the process.

  • Dealing with special real estate issues: You might need help selling a special home, such as one from a deceased relative, a divorce, or major structural issues. Other real estate issues might include inspection problems, title searches, or title insurance.

The Law Firm of Richard H. Lovell, P.C., is happy to help with any sale, purchase, or refinance, whether that involves a home, condo, or commercial property.

Why Choose Us?

The Law Firm of Richard H. Lovell, P.C., offers many years of experience in real estate law. This experience allows us a knowledge of how to handle special situations, challenges, or issues that come up. Additionally, we don't just focus on one type of real estate property - we can help any person with a real estate legal need.

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