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At The Law Firm of Richard H. Lovell, P.C., our team of experienced and qualified real estate lawyers is here to assist you with all your property needs. Whether you want to buy, sell, refinance a property, or a cooperative apartment in Queens, NY, or the greater NYC metro area, we have the expertise and knowledge to guide you through the legal process.

Why Choose Our Real Estate Lawyer for Your Legal Needs?

With many decades of experience in handling residential and commercial property transactions, our real estate attorneys have a deep understanding of the local market and laws. This allows us to provide our clients with comprehensive and tailored legal help that meets their specific needs.

We understand that every property transaction is unique, which is why we don't just focus on one type of real estate. Our team has the expertise to handle various types of properties, including apartments, cooperatives and condominiums and and we are always up-to-date with the latest legal developments in the industry. Our goal is to help our clients understand the process and make informed decisions for their property.

At The Law Firm of Richard H. Lovell, P.C., we go above and beyond to ensure that we meet our clients' needs. We offer a free phone consultation for all potential clients, where they can discuss their concerns. Our team will also prepare and review all necessary documents, ensuring that everything is in order before proceeding with the property transaction.

Plus, in addition to traditional real estate transactions, our team is also equipped to handle most special real estate issues that may arise. We have the expertise to navigate through complex legal matters and protect our clients' interests.

How Can You Learn More?

If you want to speak to a reliable and experienced real estate attorney, look no further than The Law Firm of Richard H. Lovell, P.C. Contact us today for a free consultation.